Tech News: Intel Acquires McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Seeing the fast growing tech world Intel has made an optimistic stride and has bought McAfee for an approximate amount of $7.68 Billion (with an average rate of $48 per share). After the Deal Intel’s Software and Services Group has decided that McAfee will work as it was with an sole Independence . They also […]

Intel’s Latest Home Dashboard For Energy Management In Home Appliance

The new and latest concept from Intel, The Home Dashboard is an total home electronic device monitoring Automation system. Which allows you to keep track of energy used by all the electronic home appliance’s. It’s designed in such a way that it is self efficient of energy and can help you to maintain the efficiency […]

Latest From the Intel Inside : Intel Itanium 9300 Processor

After the great succesful launches like i0ntel’s i core series ( i3, i5, i7 ), Intel Inside has launched the latest and fastest of all the Intel Itanium 9300 Last Week. It Great mind freaking configuration with increase 500% bandwidth , extra 800% memory badnwidth from the system interconnected link’s and increase of more then […]