SRS effect on linux computers


This article is mostly  useful for computers with surround sound hardware or   computers with srs wow. Computers nowadays come with loads of features and some come with SRS sound inscribed somewhere on their body like the one on my Dell  Inspiron. What  SRS(Sound Retrieval System ) actually does is create  pseudo 3D sound with […]

How to Secure Home Wireless Network ?


Many of us use wireless router in our home so that we can access internet from any where inside the home from laptop. But we always forget to take security steps to prevent unauthorized use of our wi-fi or we can say our wireless home network. So to restrict unauthorized use of your wireless network you need to follow some of […]

Easy way to download youtube videos.


I found new and snappy way to download youtube videos today.Yeah and easy too.One would happily comment without reading further that extensions and addons are the easiest way to download.yeah they are but what if you are not on your own computer? so enough of the talking: 1. you are viewing a video on youtube […]

Linux Kernel 3.0 is Launched

Linux Kernel 3.0

Finally the most awaited Linux kernel 3.0 is here. Well seeing the working and comparison between Linux kernel 2.9 the new kernel can be said as Linux kernel 2.9.6 or something like that. So its all clear that Linux Kernel  3.0 is not upto the expectation and will be soon replaced by Linux Kernel 3.1 […]

Sakshat Tablet – Cheapest Tablet Ever

Sakshat Tabel - Cheapest Tablet Ever

Sakshat is an Indian Tablet which had been in buzzing new few days back and now its all set to launch. Well you might have heard about the project One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) which was in buzz as it provided laptop for just 200$ and has now reached to capability to provide laptop for […]