How to Shut Down / Turn off / Power Off your Windows 8 based system ?

windows 8 shut down

Recently Microsoft Launched Windows 8 and we had reviewed its beta version short. After using it for hours when I was willing to shut down the pc i couldn’t find the Shut down button any where.Any all the previous version of Windows OS before Windows 8 had shut down button displayed as soon as we […]

First Look of Windows 8

first look windows 8

Recently Microsoft has Launched the Beta version of its upcoming OS Windows 8. As i am an freaky person, so just wished to try it out. I Downloaded the developers beta version of Windows 8. After installing it i have made an video preview  out of it. Just check it out.   Windows  8 First Look […]

Intel – The Chase Film : Expressing high end Capability of Intel Processor

Intel - The Chase Movie

We all know that in the matter of Processor’s no one can beat Intel. Intel is the king of Processors. Intel has made an explanatory movie to express the high end capability of the Intel 2nd Generation (Sandy Bridge) Series processors. Intel has named the movie as “The Chase Film”, in the movie you can […]

LED Monitors From Simmtronics

LED Monitors from Simmtronics

We can see there is an vast change in the field of display technology (Television, Monitors, etc), earlier there used be CRT Television and now Television has just got an complete make over, from CRT to LCD , Plasma and now best of all LED. Talking about LED its having highly advanced technology compared to […]