How to Secure Home Wireless Network ?


Many of us use wireless router in our home so that we can access internet from any where inside the home from laptop. But we always forget to take security steps to prevent unauthorized use of our wi-fi or we can say our wireless home network. So to restrict unauthorized use of your wireless network you need to follow some of […]

HTTPS Vs VPN : Who is the Best in Providing Security while Surfing Online ?


The Two best ways to feel secure online are via HTTPS (Secure HTTP) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) . But who is the best among the two ? What are the Concepts and Fundamentals working behind them ? Basically different persons have different opinion on the two, Some feel HTTPS is more secure then the […]

Facebook Updated Privacy Settings For Status Update

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

After Launch of Google+ from Search Giant Google , Fire is set on the Social Networking’s Cold War between Facebook and Google. Google Meshed up the better  features of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc and Developed Google+. In response to it Facebook is updating its system to an High Extent so that it doesn’t loose away the […]

Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary rebels we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Annas


You have guessed right from the title we are talking related to the famous “angry birds”. 2 days ago an online game hosted at   game has started to conquer  india. the game is a ripoff of the famous angrybirds with 4 stages available to play at present. The Developers and designers  Mohd Shahnawaz, […]

Reliance Android 3G Tablet launched for Rs 12999

Reliance Android 3G Tablet

As we know it’s the era of tablet pc, we can see tablet in the buzz every where. We can daily read news about different Tablets like Android Tablets from different brands, iPad from Apple, Play book from Blackberry, etc. Now in the world of the Tablets buzz creating news is that Reliance has launched […]

Is Microsoft all set to Launch Social Network of its own?

SOCL - Microsoft's Social Network

In recent Social Network sites are highly in the buzz. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc. are in high buzz in present stage. So it seem seeing the Search Giant Google and many other into the business of Social Networking Microsoft also wants to enter the world of Social Networking. Well this is […]

Facebook Launched Link Preview in Comment

Facebook - Link Preview in Comment

After Launch of Facebook Video calling and new Side bar for chat, Facebook has launched one more new featured namely Preview of any link in Comment. Means like Earlier when we posted any link on status or directly we used to get An thumbnail from the link page and short meta description below it. Now […]

How to run Google+ app on iTouch ?

Google+ app running on iTouch

Google recently launched iPhone for Google+. Now if you are having an iTouch then what to do ? Google has not launched any for it. You have to play some trick there do hack out Google+ app and play Google+ App for iPhone on iTouch. [note]How  to run Google+ app on iTouch ? [/note]   […]

Collection of Awesome Google+ Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts , Tips And Tricks

Google+ is Search Giants new venture of Social Networking site to compete the Success and fame of Facebook.  It  has new kind of concept known as +Circle, +Hangout, +Mobile, etc. they are amazing at first touch. Google+ is the only topic discussed everywhere in present. So today we are going to explore some  unique  and […]

Orkut to co-exist with Google+


Google+ is getting a great interest with it’s user-base growing day by day. It is  product that is clearly launched to give Facebook run for it’s money. Yet, we must no forget that Google already has one social-networking site up and running ORKUT. According to Alexa ranking orkut ranks 102nd globally. But it’s core traffic […]

Internet in 2015 [InfoGraphics]

Internet in 2015

Internet in 2015 will be the era of Zeta byte as expressed by CISCO in an info graphics. The most shared item online will be Videos as per the info graphics. Just check out the info graphics for in depth detail of the Internet in 2015. CISCO has prepared the Info graphics in the best […]