WhatsApp for PC – How to use Whatsapp from PC Guide

WhatsApp is among one of the world’s highly used Instant Messaging service. We can say that it is one of the best alternative or replacement to SMS service. Since the size of mobile phones are increasing (4 to 5 inch) we really feel difficult and uncomfortable in using WhatsApp from mobile phones. We always feel like there is need for WhatsApp for PC. A software or application using which we can use WhatsApp from PCWe could really feel good while communicating with friends using such software. There are no such official software’s from the producers of WhatsApp but there unofficial WhatsApp for PC software and official methods to use it.

In this tutorial we are going to explain different methods related to how you can download WhatsApp for PC and use it from PC.

There are two ways you can use WhatsApp from PC. One is downloading Bluestacks and using WhatsApp via it and second is downloading WhatsApp for PC and installing it. Both the methods are discussed below:

Method 1 : Use WhatsApp from PC (Windows or MAC) using Bluestacks (Android App player) 

This tutorial is simple and anyone with basic knowledge of how to use computer can follow up. You will be needing approximately 10-20 Minutes to setup.


Bluestacks – Android App Player. You can download it from Bluestacks.com.

Internet Connectivity.

Active Mobile phone number.

How to:

Installing Bluestacks Android App Player

Step 1: Install Bluestacks – Android App player on your PC. You can check out how to install bluestacks and use all android apps and games PC guide to do the same.

Setting up Google Account in Bluestacks

Step 2: Once you have installed bluestacks, configure Google account in it.

Searching WhatsApp for PC from Bluestacks

Step 3: Then click on “Search” and enter “Whatsapp”. It will take you to WhatsApp page on Google Play Store.

Installing WhatsApp for PC from Google Play Store

Step 4: Click on Install button on there. This will began installation of WhatsApp on bluestacks. Or you can say this will install WhatsApp for PC.

Mobile number verification whatsapp for pc

Step 5: Now installation of WhatsaApp for PC is complete. Now you need to setup active mobile number. Enter an Active mobile number in it. It will send a verification code via SMS on that number. Enter the verification code and you are ready to use.

Testing WhatsApp for PC

Here we Go, WhatsApp for PC is ready to use. You can test it by sending a Message to any of your friend. If you have stuck somewhere while following above steps or have got any confusion in following above steps, then comment them below we will try to find solution to your problem related to WhatsApp for PC.

Method 2: Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1)

This method uses a windows application named Wassapp to use Whatsapp from PC.

Wassapp - WhatsApp for PC Software - Logo

Step 1: All you need to do is Download Wassapp which is nothing but a WhatsApp for PC (.exe file) software from here and Install.

Wassapp - WhatsApp for PC Software - Registration

Step 2: Once you have installed Wassapp – WhatsApp for PC software on your windows PC you just need to enter your active mobile number. You will get a verification number via SMS on your active mobile number.

Step 3: Enter the verification code into the software and your WhatsApp is ready to use from PC.

Note : This is no official client from WhatsApp. They have not launched any proper WhatsApp for PC software. So all you need to follow one or the other method to do the same.

[Update – Users have reported that this Method 2 does not work any more. So it is advisable to go with Method 1]

Hope now you are able to enjoy WhatsApp from PC. If you still have any query related to WhatsApp for PC or we can say How to use WhatsApp from PC, comment your query below we will try to solve them out.

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  1. Brother…. I think wassapp is having some problem. I have installed it. But when i am going to register it is showing ” an error occurred, please try again later.” can you help me to get out of this?

    • @Adish I have already updated that this method 2 (Wassapp) is not working any more. Sorry !
      Will find out if there are any such working software’s and will update the post again.