How to become invisible or go offline in Google Hangouts?

The world was awed when Google announced Hangouts in I/O and many switched to it. But one problem that arose was that of being invisible in Hangouts.

How to become invisible in Google Hangout? Follow below steps to become invisible in Google Hangout :

Currently there is no direct method to become invisible in Google Hangout. But Google has given a workaround to indirectly become invisible. All you need to do is snooze notification for few hours. You have option to snooze notification for 1, 8, 48 hours.

Step 1 : Click on your name or display pic in Google Hangout if you are logged into Gmail. Or  else click on down arrow present in Google hangout sidebar when you are logged into Google plus.

Go offline in google hangout via Snooze option


Step 2 : Click on different options like “1 hour”, “8 hours” and “48 Hours” to go offline for that time period.

snooze status in normal chat

Hangout status in Normal Chat

Your Hangout status

Your Status in Contacts who have Hangout

Note : Via this method you will appear invisible only to contacts who are using Google hangout to all other rest contacts who are still using the old Gmail chat you will appear online/idle (green/orange light).

How to go offline in Google hangout is to sign out of the hangout. To do so follow below steps.

Step 1 : Same as above method. Click on the down arrow.

Sign out of the Hangout

Sign out of  Hangouts

You will able to see “Sign out of Hangouts” option, Click on it and you will be able to go offline for all your contacts but the obvious downside is that you won’t be able to chat with anyone till you sign in again.

Still if you face any difficulties then write them in the comment box below, will help you out.

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