Stream your Videos over Network by Simply Using VLC media Player

Streaming Videos Through VLC over a Network

Simple steps..

On Streamining Source Side ….


1.Goto Media – > Capture Device -> Desktop
(as we want to stream videos from desktop , you can also select Media -> Disc to Stream your Disc over Network)
2.Goto File – > Add (Add Video file from Location ) -> Stream
Link the Video File you want to Stream.
(Just Ensure Sorce Path)
4.File -> Make this option as HTTP as New destination. -> ADD
(VLC will stream through http protocol by using its ports)
5. Pick Random Port eg. Port – > 8080
(Make sure it is not used by other application)
6.Profile – > Select MP4 Codec
(most of us will be playing mp4 files and it also gives better results in other formats )
On Capturing Device Side…
1.Media -> Open Network Stream
(as this is recevier machine )


2. Enter in Network URL :
http://(Senders IP)x.x.x.x:8080(port number you chosed for streaming).


3. Hit Play…………..
this should work and if this doesn’t work please feel free to comment or mail any queries realated to this topic..

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