Pwordy – your smart, secure and simple online password manager

Today – in the era of cloud computing – we have almost all of our data stored in different online web services like gmail, facebook, yahoo, etc. Each day, the number of online services we grow to rely on increases and with this growth a common problem has arisen – how do I memorize all of my user id’s and passwords for a number of different web applications and services?


To solve this problem, Pwordy has entered the online world. Pwordy is an online service that allows you to store all of your user ids and passwords for a range of online services securely. It is often simply described as “your smart, secure and simple online password manager”. To get started with Pwordy, all you need to do is create an account on the Pwordy homepage (there are both free and premium plans. Premium plans are currently being offered free to all members). For more information on Pwordy’s plans and details head here. Then, all you need to do is put the user id and password of different web services you use into your Pwordy account. After that all you need to keep in mind is the single user id and password of your Pwordy account, all the rest will be stored in your Pwordy account and you can access the user id and password of different services whenever you need from your Pwordy account.

Talking more about Pwordy , it has following features which may force us to use this service :

Using the latest encryption technologies and maintaining an SSL certificate, it is fully secure.

Mobile application to be released in upcoming months

Special Pwordy password generating feature soon also

Free account upgrade promotion on now So now it’s time to free up your memory and store all your account details of different web services in Pwordy and make use of internet with ease.

You can visit Pwordy.Com and grab your free account now. I have tried using Pwordy and personally i really feel safe, secure and relaxed now after using Pwordy. We would like to hear your views and thoughts about Pwordy after using it in form of comments below.

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Pwordy - your smart, secure and simple online password manager, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Great article, I will definitely use Pwordy in future for secure storage as they seem to have a great online presence. Thanks