Samsung galaxy s2 battery life woes

Samsung galaxy s2 battery

As the processing power of our smartphones increases so too does the tax on our battery life. This has of course bred a whole culture of people who are not only carrying their wallet, phone and keys but now charger in addition. This is perhaps a particularly pressing issue for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners. The Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life is something which has not been the subject of positive press. Many have complained, even without rooting their phones – i.e. over clocking the processors – to be getting a maximum of 8 hours usage. Of course there are ways in which to improve it however, for those without much technical aptitude, should they have to? For near enough 500 USD new, you would hope to get a little more juice. No?

For those in the know, or willing to fiddle around at least, check out any Android forum and see the commotion this thing is causing. Net wide, Android users are ranting and looking for the best solution.

One of the common solutions seems to be to root your device and rid it of the unnecessary stock option apps. This, apparently, ought to yield better battery life. This make sense, especially where those apps are running in the background. I suppose the reality is, the smartphones we choose to carry today are of course going to be that much more taxing on our batteries. They are, after all, mini laptops, so to speak. It seems people perhaps have unrealistic expectations. I think I would rather my Samsung Galaxy S2 than this thing…

Samsung galaxy s2 battery

What say you? Perhaps there would be less of an outcry if we had that little more information regarding the history of mobile technology. Just as we saw the progression of processing hopefully we will see more done in the way of improving this in the future.

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