SRS effect on linux computers

This article is mostly  useful for computers with surround sound hardware or   computers with srs wow.

Computers nowadays come with loads of features and some come with SRS sound inscribed somewhere on their body like the one on my Dell  Inspiron.
What  SRS(Sound Retrieval System ) actually does is create  pseudo 3D sound with good equalizer settings(of course these can only be felt when there is good audio hardware present).
SRS drivers are available only for Windows at present,but that doesn’t mean Linux users cant get good music quality after all we paid for the hardware.
As far a playing music is considered the simplest alternative is using audacious player with its “extrastereo”  plugin on
extra stereo plugin is found under ouptut
here is a screenshot of audacious

Besides having this plugin it  also has many other plugins and features(the main feature is its minimalistic memory usage and simplicity)
For those who want surround sound for more than just song playback there is spatializer in VLC media player.


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