bandwith required to stream music

Music piracy is so famous in India that if you search Google for the phrase “ banned” it shows the link to a “ ban ke tera jogi” by as the first result.
And we are not just talking about there is a long list of domains pirating music that is going to get banned soon.
But anti piracy piracy is not the main aim of this blog post.

Indian pirates do share their downloads with other friends via  portable  storage media but they mostly  don’t  seed the torrents(why because its easy you have the file,why upload it even if you have unlimited internet available?)
So its just the ease that lures the pirates (besides being free :) )

I had recently wiped off my hard disk from all illegal media so was streaming songs on group project) and then i saw this on my system monitor







It wasn’t using much bandwidth (by less i mean feasible for Indian internet user,EVEN on a 2G mobile network)
Almost same usage was seen on .
Simple comparison of these two sites
saavn and gaana both have facebook login and sharing also has twitterconnect  and has some type of facebook timeline integration via some opengraph app
both have good amount of songs has above 2 million songs according to its Wikipedia page
but saavn stands for South Asian Audio Visual Network so it has music in Hindi and other languages but not English tracks
while has a large collection of English songs  too
Saavn has mobile apps for android and apple devices
gaana has a html5 app for ipads
So i dont think i will be downloading any illegal music file till i can have access to normal internet access

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