Flipkart is Purchasing LetsBuy

Flipkart.com, the biggest on the web store in India is purchasing away Letsbuy.com, a dedicated e-commerce website operating by two and half years. Its an web start-up from eTree Marketing Pvt Ltd. The offer signifies one more combination move around in a hectic e-commerce market of India which has been a line of websites launched up recently.

flipkart.com - flipkart purchasing letsbuy

The firm said that

“The acquisition is a mix of cash and equity and also the founders of Letsbuy with their 350+ team will still function independently, with the added advantage of now having the ability to access Flipkart’s superior technology platform and provide chain capabilities. ”

Talking regarding the actual purchase, Flipkart’s co-founder and BOSS Sachin Bansal said,

“This acquisition fits into our strategy of creating dominant shares in just about all categories we operate within. We are already leaders within the books and media verticals. Given that we were able to build a leadership position in gadgets as well since it’s launch in early 2011, it made sense for all of us to consolidate when all of us saw this opportunity. This acquisition opportunity came in a very attractive price for all of us and the timing has additionally been ideal. The synergies will right now allow us to accelerate faster and obtain to a share much like what we enjoy within the online books category. ”

The precise conditions in the deal aren’t declared however. The value of this particular deal is almost 25-30 million dollars. This deal in general seems to become quite inexpensive in comparison using the recent worth in Indian native e-commerce business area where Snapdeal may be valued all around 200 million dollars.

letsbuy.com -  flipkart purchasing letsbuy

The following purchase might end up being appearing because wonder with a as the basic viewpoint between the actual trader group has already been that Letsbuy.com was performing good.

In past Kanwaljit Singh, co-founder & senior MARYLAND of Helion Venture Companions the lead investor within Letsbuy had said this this past year

LetsBuy.com has grown 10 times in the past one year and that’s a phenomenal growth story. Electronics is one of the biggest drivers in e-commerce space across the globe and Letsbuy.com has positioned itself as a specialist in that space.”

[note]So what is the explanation for LetsBuy being sold away?[/note]

For LetsBuy it might be an only choice to survive. One year ago, Letsbuy.com had received $6 million in venture capital (VC) funding from Helion Venture Partners, Accel Partners and Tiger Global in its first round of institutional funding and also it obtained an undisclosed sum through angel investors in May 2010.

In past Hitesh Dhingra, co-founder and chief professional officer of Letsbuy.com had said

“We are in advanced stages to boost money but we may neither decline nor confirm the offer or the investors. ”

But he right now stated that

“The company had a selection to raise a big round of funding too, however aligning our business using the largest player on the market made sense as the actual resultant synergies will guarantee our customers the perfect service, price and selection. ”

The firm actually Offered the actual large space within worth estimation the actual company had been glittering till lately, in its planned 2nd over associated with institutional funding, and what Flipkart is actually evidently spending to purchase it, we can think from the individuals being the explanation for the offer.

It is really no coincidence how the two e-commerce websites currently have typical shareholders within Accel Partners and Tiger woods Global.

e-Commerce Industry had rumors from the flipkart to buyout letsbuy since annually. But the only point was that rumors did have no cofidential evidence supporting the offer.

Based upon market gurus, consumer electronics selling is really a business with very reduced profit. On the web selling this kind of low profitable product indicates necessity associated with almost 40-60 million bucks to retain the actual company over as well as above an 12 months.

Letsbuy had already been targeting upon one narrow manufacturer product line which was electronics, however we are able to notice that the web site had lately varied through its primary company with new segments upon sports products, toys, watches and stationery. From this it could be guessed out that LetsBuy had already been attempting in order to turn out to become a general e-commerce web site such as Flipkart as well as that needed money however they couldn’t collect it away.

The common question arrising within the mind of people all over the India having interest within ecommerce website’s is that

[note]Why Flipkart is Purchasing LetsBuy? [/note]

Flipkart is currently the actual biggest e-commerce website in India and also the query continues to become is whether this needed the client hook up associated with LetsBuy to increase its company? It definitely can’t end up being regarding obtaining a person foundation as numerous report online shows that Letsbuy wasn’t among the top 10 e-commerce websites visited through Indians.

Well what may function as the exact reason behind the offer is still an secret or may take part in big game play by
that is yet to be put down into the action. What do you experience the deal? you can represent your views below within the comment.

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