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Ever previously relished making greeting cards or popular music videos with your friends’ facial looks working with Jibjab? In that case BuddyCon may well solely be the appropriate app for you.

BuddyCon is a cost-free application that allows Android owners generate customized prototypes of their favourite or most contacted friends, dress them up, and get them have interaction on the home screen. If touched, the prototypes on the home screen disclose shortcuts for calling, texting, and other connectivity tasks they authorized accessibility to BuddyCon to communicate with their friends. It also allows individuals to set up personalized and enjoyable call-screen wallpapers.

The latest upgrade has restricted the free edition to only a single prototype, which suggests that individuals need to buy the non-restrained edition to uncover further prototypes.




In order to generate your friends’ prototypes, go to BuddyCon Settings and start importing or putting new faces. This app links to an individual’s gallery in which you can select a friend’s image, and then tag the friend’s face with the built-in paintbrush. Then again, the precision of tagging a friend’s face to be used in the prototype might possibly cause a challenge for those with smartphones with not-so-receptive touch settings and for individuals with fat fingertips.

The actual effects are on the other hand very funny and may possibly even encourage an individual to get the non-restrained edition, but we have usually experienced an miscalculation while attempting to come up with a purchase.



BuddyCon works along with gadgets operating on Android 2. 2 and higher.


Pricing And Availability

The trial version is available for free. Discover for yourself exactly what BuddyCon can provide and download the app for free from the Android Market.

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