How to protect your timeline profile From Facebook Security Breach ?

Facebook is one of the best social networking site at present in the cyber world. Hackers from all around the world have found large amount of Facebook security breaches, so taking the benefit of it they have got huge success in hacking profiles of large number of people. Facebook security breach has become one of the trending topic over the internet. Due to such breaches large numbers of attacks have been successful on Facebook in recent period. So if you are using Facebook timeline or non timeline profile its high time to check out breach and security flows in your profile and to fix them as early as possible. I’m listing out the top security flaws all over which you need to have look.

[note]How to protect your timeline profile From Facebook Security Breach ?[/note]

Check the level of Privacy in your profile :

To check the level of privacy you profile has click on down arrow below home on top right corner of your profile and then select Privacy Settings from the drop  down list.

Or click here Facebook Privacy Setting

Facebook Security BreachWizard as shown in above picture will appear from it select the appropriate option. You can set the privacy level of your desired choice. You can select who can see different part of your profile.

In Customize option you can create a list of specific people who either can see or can not see specific part of your Facebook profile.

Before you make any changes ask this simple question is Facebook secure ?

by changing all the setting we are making sure that we remove all the Facebook security holes.

Authenticate people before adding them into your profile :

Facebook has more than 250 million active users and where each users have average of 120 friends related to their profile. So as we  know where there is a group of good people, culprits always try to join them in the mask of good people to harass them. As we know Facebook security breaches exist in large amount culprits always try to take benefit of it. They are always trying to hinder the social security of the society.

Such people can’t access your profile directly so they take help of Fake profile, they create fake Facebook profiles of different girls or famous people and send you request so it’s always better to check the authentication of profiles whose friend request you get. Do not accept any friend request at least before checking its authority.

This days the amount of fake Facebook profile is increasing exponentially so safe guard your self from such fake profiles. Once you accept friend request of such profiles they can access your photo albums and do can misuse them.

Secure your Facebook timeline profile Wall :

Suppose you are your friend has used any of the insecure or malware Facebook app or script then such app gets spreads via your own profile or via your friends profile. That is once such scam apps gets access to your profile or your friends profile they try to spread themselves via posting some spam message with spam links on your wall or if your friend has been attacked by them then they post on your wall via your friends profile.

To secure your Facebook timeline profile wall click on down arrow present at top right corner and from drop down menu select Privacy setting  then click on edit settings right to “How You Connect” from the wizard select the option “only me” right to “Who can post on your timeline?”. This way no one else can post on your timeline wall except you. You can check out the snap shot of the option wizard below.

Facebook Security Breach

[note]Facebook App Security[/note]

Verify the list of Apps you are using :

From Privacy Setting page click on edit setting right to “Apps and Websites” from there  check out the list of apps which you have authorized.  Remove the apps which you are not using and you feel they are insecure by clicking on “X”  near to them as shown in below pic.

Facebook Security Breach

Restrict Unauthorized access to you Album photos :

When ever you create your album there is option where you can define the Facebook’s photo security level according to which the access to your album photos is done. That is you can set level of security to friends through which only your friends can see your album photos. You can also define customized list of friends only who can see those album photos.

All you need to do is define the security level to either friends when you wish that all your friends can see the photos in the album or select customize so that only specific people can see it. To do so click on friends tab near “post photos” when ever you create an album. You can see it below :

Facebook Security Breach

You can also customize the security level of your previously created album by click on “*” near the album name as shown below :

Facebook Security BreachRestrict visibility of your Facebook Status Updates :

Many times we share status on wall which are not meant for public, so in such cases its always better to restrict the access to your Facebook status to specific people alone. You can do it by click on “friends” near to post status and select the appropriate option.

Facebook Security Breach

Do not click on scam video links and post which you see in news feed :

These days video scams have increased a lot in Facebook. They spread via spam message with some video link. You can see message like “You can’t watch this video for more than 10 seconds“, etc its better to never click on such links. Most of the times they are spread by hackers via spam scripts and browser plugins . Once your friend becomes victim they post such messages on your news feed via your friends profile and once you click on it you become victim and similarly they go on spreading.

Switch on Facebook HTTPS for secure browsing :

You can check out previously posted article on how to switch on Facebook Secure browsing.

I have listed out the basic privacy settings above so that you can secure your self from Facebook’s default privacy settings which is full of Facebook Security Breaches. I have tried to be as specific as possible and still if you feel any difficulty in changing your privacy settings then comment them below. You can also check out official Facebook blog for Facebook security Breach.

You can also comment any of suggestion if you have to secure Facebook timeline profile.

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