Twitter Gets Redesigned

Twitter Gets Redesigned

Twitter has recently launched a video representing its complete new redesign.  Twitter has made new design with an intention that it can simplify the user experience. Twitter has redesigned the look of Tweet Deck and .

According to the video released by twitter which can be seen below, twitter will introduce  three new buttons Home, @Connect and #Discover.

Home button when clicked will take to the home page. This is the place where you can tweet or find the tweet from the people and brands you follow. You will find the latest buzz, current sports scores , etc from all those people you follow on the twitter.

@Connect button when clicked will show the people who have mentioned you and will also show the list of people you might like to follow. This is the place where you can start with a discussion or can reply to ongoing discussion. Here you will find the list of people who mention you in their tweet and also the people who have retweeted your post. It’s the place which will help you to keep conversation going on.

#Discover button when clicked will show whats trending on the twitter along with notable stories and videos. This is the place which will help you to filter the tweets of your interest and liking along with the current trends. This place will be the place which will help you to discover the stuff on twitter for which you are curious about.

Twitter has also announced that the mobile apps for iPhone and Android will also get updated to the new look soon.

One of the major update in Twitter’s Redesign is that the tweets take space on right side on the home page which makes eyes comfortable to look at them. In the older design they used to appear on the left.

 Video Representing the Twitter’s Redesign :

For more detailed information on Twitter Redesigned visit :

So  liked the Twitter new look ? Comment your views below.

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