How to Install Android on iPhone ?

Android on iphone

Android on iphone

Earlier this week, we informed you about how some hackers have managed to port Android to Apple iPhone. For those of you who were a little hesitant to try it because of all the advanced instructions, here is a simple step by step for you (courtesy of Android Lot AA), which will allow you to dual boot Android iPhone OS on iPhone 2G.

Android on the iPhone

5 step process: download all the necessary materials, preparation, configuration of Virtual Box Ubuntu, iPhone, Android, and so on. Each step is then a lot of steps that must be followed. Why the guide is a long time because everything is detailed, and is divided in such a way that even a beginner can make it work Jailbroken iPhone 2G.

 Disclaimer: This guide is intended for testing and educational purposes only. Follow at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of important data, or defective, or bricking your iPhone.

And here are the instructions to install Android on your iPhone. Note: This guide is for the original iPhone 2G (EDGE) only.


Here’s a bunch of stuff that you need before you begin:

IMPORTANT! IPhone 2G jailbroken. Jailbreaking guide can be found here.

VirtualBox (link). Get the right version of Windows / Mac

VirtualBox Ubuntu images (link). Download the number 10, Ubuntu Linux, codenamed Karmic 9.10 Koalax86

iPhone Explorer (link). If you have Linux, you can use an FTP like FileZilla instead.

Images and sources Android (link)

Image patches (link). Geekoid courtesy.


Let some of the basics of the way:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Kill the iTunes helper process
  • Install iPhone Explorer
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac / PC
  • Run Explorer iPhone
  • Click on Change Root
  • Select the “/” root directory Real iPhone
  • Browse private / var
  • Copy ramdisk.img, userdata.img, and downloads cache.img zImage # 5 (images and Android source) in var
  • Copy and system.img android.img.gz downloads from # 6 (image patches) in the var
  • This is all the files on your iPhone Android now get them to run!
  • Configuring Virtual Box
  • Install VirtualBox
  • Open VirtualBox
  • Go to File> Virtual Media Manager
  • Make sure the hard drive is selected
  • Click Add
  • Locate the ubuntu-9.10.vdi (download # 3) and select
  • Close the Virtual Media Manager
  • Vai machine> New
  • Click Next
  • Enter under the “Ubuntu”
  • Choose the Linux operating system
  • Select the version of Ubuntu
  • Click Next
  • Set the amount of RAM, the default should be fine
  • Click Next
  • Select “Use an existing disk”
  • Select Ubuntu 9.10.vdi
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Select the new machine boots Ubuntu
  • The password is: reverse
  • Ubuntu Setup
  •  We’re almost there – if this seems a bit ‘long, just think about how each step is short and simple!
  • Click System (top bar)> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager
  • Keyword: investment
  •  In the Quick Search box, type libusb-1.0, click the check box to libusb-1.0-0 and select Mark for Installation
  • Enter the Mark libreadline quick clicking on the box next to libreadline5 and select to install
  • Click Apply
  • Once everything is installed close to the Package Manager
  • Open Firefox (Ubuntu)
  • Download installer from here openiboot
  • Click Locations (top bar)> Downloads
  • right click and click Extract Here
  • Click Applications (top bar)> Accessories> Terminal
  • No ‘cd Downloads / openiboot “in quotes, the type
  • Restart your iPhone in recovery mode (off, press and hold the Home button, connect to a USB cable)
  • Get Android working!

Congratulations for coming so far! This is where the fun beings (credit these instructions WinX blog-link)

In VirtualBox, Ubuntu, Windows, go to Devices> USB Devices and select the iPhone (recovery mode)

  • In the terminal type (without the quotes) “sudo su”
  • Enter password: reverse
  • In the terminal type. / Loadibec openiboot.img3
  • You will see displayed on your iPhone OpeniBoot
  • Hold down the power button a few seconds (iPhone)
  • The bottom option will be selected console openiboot
  • Home Media (iPhone). You will see a bunch of text appear and stop at “Welcome to openiboot”
  • In VirtualBox, Ubuntu, Windows, go to Devices> USB Devices and select the iPhone (how OpeniBoot)
  • Its the type of terminal. / Oibc
  • Enter the password: reverse
  • If this is not enough to write. / Oibc
  • You will see the same text from your iPhone in the Terminal
  • Type (without quotes) “0 × 09000000 0 × 1048576 nor_read 0″ and press Enter
  • Wait to say Done
  • Type (without quotation marks) “~ norbackup.dump: 1048576″
  • This creates a backup of NOR memory – save a copy on a USB stick or email to yourself or something
  • Type of installation, press Enter. Once this is done you OpeniBoot installed the iPhone. You’re done!

Finishing Off

What you have achieved so hours til iPhone, Android files, and then installing OpeniBoot so that you will be able to launch the iPhone or the Android OS, when you turn on your phone. Openiboot was necessary because it is the only way at this time, you can start the Android. This way you can stop and get the Android:

If you still have Terminal opened oibc still ongoing, just type ‘reboot’, press Enter and go to Step 3

If you do not have to open the terminal, unplug the phone, turn it off and return to

Openiboot appears when you press the power button to switch to the console openiboot (option below)

Hold down the Home button

Android will launch, but it may take some time


Written by Gregory Applert freelance writer who writes about, malware, super anti spyware, computer viruses, antivirus software alert funny marketing, android applications, etc.

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