HTTPS Vs VPN : Who is the Best in Providing Security while Surfing Online ?

The Two best ways to feel secure online are via HTTPS (Secure HTTP) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) . But who is the best among the two ? What are the Concepts and Fundamentals working behind them ? Basically different persons have different opinion on the two, Some feel HTTPS is more secure then the VPN and some vice a versa.

Google has recently launched some video explaining the Concepts of HTTPS and VPN.

Definition of HTTPS in Video by Google :

Definition of VPN in Video by Google :



So After watching above Videos its completely Clear that in both HTTPS and VPN concept of encryption is working which provides an encrypted data communication channel between you and the webserver so that any third party (Hacker) can’t understand or decrypt your information even after hijacking it out.

The main difference between the VPN and HTTPS is that HTTPS provides Secure connection between you and specific website. So it means information shared between you and a website powered by HTTPS are transmitted in an secure and encrypted way where as all other have normal mode of communication. And in VPN all network connection between you and any web server are completely secure and encrypted no third party can crack the info even after hijacking it as it will be completely encrypted and highly difficult to decrypt.

So its all clear that VPN is the best option for making an Secure and encrypted connection between you and the web server. So any time when you are dealing with sensitive data online adopt VPN before doing it. Also when you are using Internet via Wi-fi its best to use VPN in such conditions.

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