How to Shut Down / Turn off / Power Off your Windows 8 based system ?

Recently Microsoft Launched Windows 8 and we had reviewed its beta version short. After using it for hours when I was willing to shut down the pc i couldn’t find the Shut down button any where.Any all the previous version of Windows OS before Windows 8 had shut down button displayed as soon as we click on the Start menu. But here when we click on Start the Metro GUI is popped out.So if you are not geek and are not used to unusual stuff then its quite serious that you will not be able to find the Shut down button in Window 8. In Windows 8 Shutdown has been placed under pop when which appears when we click on power off button. (It will sound funny but I found the power off button after an hour of treasure hunt all inside the OS).

So now I am going to explain you how to shut down or power off or we can say turn off your windows 8 based system :

First of all drag your mouse cursor to the left bottom of your screen and while dragging your cursor not it down that you should not click on the start else Metro GUI will pop out. As soon as you drag out your cursor there you will see a small menu pop’s out. As shown in below figure :

windows 8 shut down

Click on settings on the menu which has been popped out.

As soon as you click on setting a green coloured Metro GUI based menu will be drawn out from the right side as shown in below fig.

windows 8 shut down (2)

Now click on Power button and then click on shutdown to shut your pc off.

It’s quite simple but at first you will really fill difficult to find the option to shut down your pc.

Every time doing the similar process to shut down your pc will make a difficult task. So to get rid of lengthy procedure to shut down your windows 8 system you can create a short cut for shut down.

How to create Short cut for Shut Down in Windows 8 System ?

  • Click on Desktop on your metro ui.
  • There right-click and select new.
  • windows 8 shutdownNow select shortcut.
  • It will prompt you to type the value of location,┬áthere type “Shutdown.exe -s -t 00″ without quotes.
  • windows 8 shutdownThats it Click on Next and you are done. You can change the icon by right clicking on it and selecting properties and so on.

Still if you find any difficulty in the same post your comment below we will try to sort it out.

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  1. Khushi07goodie says:

    iam hvg difficulty in shut down process….aftr i used it for 1 hr….suddenly all option at the start menu is invisible….plz help me