Facebook Updated Privacy Settings For Status Update

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

After Launch of Google+ from Search Giant Google , Fire is set on the Social Networking’s Cold War between Facebook and Google. Google Meshed up the better  features of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc and Developed Google+. In response to it Facebook is updating its system to an High Extent so that it doesn’t loose away the Users due to better features of Google+.

Recently Facebook has updated its Privacy Settings completely inspired from Google+. Earlier Facebook user didn’t have any Control over what they posted. But now after the Update, Facebook users have an high end of options to enable the visibility for what ever the update to only those who they wanted to show it. They can even add the loca tion where they are presently into the Status while updating it. The new Facebook Privacy Settings for Status Update works as follow :

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status UpdateFacebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings for Status Update

So its completely Clear From Above Images that, Now we can Tagg all those friends to whom only we want the Status to be visible. Also We can add up current location of ours to the Status so that our friends of that area can find us with ease. So its completely clear that After the New privacy Update it will be more Safe and Secure to Update Confidential Status which are not meant for public. If you feel that your Status message doesn’t have any  confidential stuff you can make its visibility Public so that every one can see it.

Facebook has also updated the Album and Image view. Facebook guarantees that now we can upload more high definition images and it will load up to the viewer  at 2X speed than the past.

So Geeks what do you say about all new privacy Updates in Facebook ? liked them or not ? Comment your views below.



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  1. amethyst907 says:

    This is not working on my FB acct.. =( I need help on getting this update please.. I have not been able to have this update at all. I still have the same
    old settings. But when my mom logged in on the same browser on her FB
    acct and same computer, she was prompted to learn more about the new
    feature and she was able to have it.. I already tried logging out and in
    on my acct, rebooted pc.. and yet, I dont have the update.. =( how can I
    have this? I want to pre approve tagged photos.. =(

    • This is the problem with facebook. It doesnt update all the accounts at once. Slowly and steadily updates are passed on to all. So u need to wait till the make update to all… no other option…