Google+ : Who can See your Google+ Post ?

Google+ has an unique kind of relationship structure. So if you are Google+ user you might have faced an problem that who has the ability to see the updates (post) you have  done in Google+. Here we elaborate the Relationship model of Google+ and have represented it an Tree form in an graphical way. So that you can understand the post sharing model of Google+. Just check out the below Relation ship tree before sharing any vital information as an post in Google+.

Who will be able to See your post ?

Who will be able to See your post ?

Seeing the Relational chart one thing is clear that is the privacy policy of Google + is really weak and is worth to be noted before posting any kind of stuff in Google+.

Still have any kind of Confusion about the relationship model of Google+ ? Just share it in comment below we will sort your query out.

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  1. Rui Araújo says:

    I don’t see why it is weak.

    •   bcz google says social network means a place where people should stay public…

      • If you are not public, then how all your people will find you?, it is wrong to hide in such platform imho, do you want to keep the privacy coming?, limit your whole profile to the circles you are willing to, I for one, when my pals and family come in, they will be the only ones possible of checking the whole of my profile, therefore, i don’t care if a stalker know my name, as soon as he doesn’t know where to locate me, what music do i like, etc, I’m fine and G+ control this effectively simple.

  2. I really didn’t get this straight but let me point out a few things.

    If a user Add you to their circles, they are ONLY able to see what you post PUBLICLY, if you desire certain privacy then you can choose to post only to your circles, the same goes for your profile, you show what you want to and whom do you want it to be seen from, so the whole idea behind your post goes pretty loose from the Stranger A adding you and still being able to catch on you, contrary to you, the privacy front is pretty strong so far.

    • u confused me… !

      one thing is clear that is google+ has an weak privacy lvl…

      • Rui Araújo says:

        Not really. G+ is a mix of Twitter and Facebook so it has features from both. You can easily make a private post. Just target to someone ( or a circle ) in particular and disable resharing. That way no one besides the people you want can see the message.
        Your graph clearly forget this feature.

      • No mate, for one, this graph lacks several outlets of a cases that can be created within with the circles and privacy settings.

        What I mean is, someone can add you to their circles although you adviced of such action, you don’t need to add them back and limit your post to the people you have only in your circles in such, anyone out of said circle will not know NOTHING about you if you desire to, this graph is all based in public settings which imho lacks thereof.For example, what happens if you disable the re-sharing option so no one would be able to re/share what you already did?, or disable the comment option so anyone not in your circle will be able to post in your sharing? it breaks loose the whole base you are stating with this uncompleted picture of the G+ privacy system.As is, if G+, have the weakest privacy level, then all others social network are just terrible.

        • Stb Hernández says:

          Wow meit, such english, many understanding, so argument; your English was really bad, wasn’t it? LOL.

  3. This article sucks dude.