How to Get Rid of Going on Earth Infection ? - Going on earth malware - Going on earth malware or we can say Going on earth is a malicious Tab jacking kind of malware script which just completely takes control over your browser. Whenever you search any thing in Google via any browser installed in your system and click on any search result to open it in new tab instead of resultant website some unknown websites gets opened.

Basically what happens is whenever you click on any search result in google and open the link the browser takes you to and then to some other website. This all done to earn money via advertising and to harass people.

So before knowing how to get rid of this malware its necessary to know the cause of infection. There are possibly three source of it first they come bundled with Freeware or shareware software’s. Secondly they may come through peer-to-peer connecting software’s like lime wire, etc. And the Third cause of it might be Questionable and infected websites.

[note] It’s an Spyware kind of script which is highly malicious so to get rid of it you can follow any of below steps. [/note]

  • Use Hitman Pro which is the best Anti malware at present and has worked fine with me too.
Hitman Pro - Anti malware to get rid of

Hitman Pro - Anti malware to get rid of

Download of Hitman Pro  :

32 Bit Windows

64 Bit Windows

  • Use Kaspersky Antivirus it detects malware and virus both.

Faq of Kaspersky

Seeing my experience and many others experience who are suffering from the same problem I suggest to use Hitman pro which will remove the virus in single shot.

Still the virus isn’t getting removed then please share your problem in comment below we will help you out to get rid of it.

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