How to Get Facebook Stream in Google+ ?

Google had recently launched Google+ to compete the Fame of Facebook. Users of Facebook are in Millions so still if you belong to Google+ it will not be easy for you to forget Facebook. So we have got an trick to get Facebook stream in Google+ wall. Means just log on to Google+ and you can access the news stream of both Google+ and Facebook in an single venue.

How to Get Facebook Stream in Google+ ?

Facebook Stream in Google+

Facebook Stream in Google+

In above image you can see the news feed of Facebook being Displayed in Google+  site. You can also do it in just few clicks. All you need to do is to Install an App named Google+Facebook from Cross rider. At present the browser App is present only for Firefox, Chrome and IE so if you are using any other browser like Opera, etc you all need to wait for the similar App for your browser.

Once you install the app, all you need to do is Restart the Browser and for once you need to verify the access of app to your Facebook profile and its all done. There after you can Access Facebook feed from Google+ similar to Above image.

Just try out the App and Comment  you experience below.

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