How to Have Google+ Circle in Facebook

The most buzzing stuff at present is Googl+ , Google has made it available for on Invitee basis. So if you dont have invitee then you need to satisfy  yourself with Facebook. Anyways we are giving away invitee for free at . The most amazing stuff about Google+ is its Circle+. Where you can drag and drop your friends into different circle.

Recently we had posted about how to make your Google+ look like Facebook, but now we are explaining how to make Facebook look like Google+. Actually we are not going to change the look of Facebook, instead we are just going to add the Google+’s Circle functionality into the Facebook.

Means that now you can add friends into different Group in Facebook just like adding friend in Google+ bye dragg and drop in different circle.

Circles in Google Plus

Circles in Google Plus

How to Have Google+ Circle in Facebook ?

Well to have Google+ Circle like stuff in Facebook all you need to do is to use an Facebook app named Circle Hack.  To use the App just visit and login into Facebook give access permission to the App thats it.

The second you give access to Circle Hack App to use Facebook, You will see an new page opened having Circle+ similar to Google+ with friend list of Facebook Friends and circles named after the Groups you made in Facebook. Drag and drop the friends into different Circles. When you do so they get added to different Groups in Facebook.

Circles in Facebook

Circles in Facebook

Just check out the App and comment your expressions below.

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