What do you love? (wdyl.Com) Google’s new Venture

Google is always working on some unique project and always experiments some thing new. Google at present is working on an portal namely What do you love? (wdyl.com). Its an unique kind of portal meant for unification of different things in an single platform.  When you type some thing which you love, it result different kinds of google search result in an single page in different form. Like you get image search result, search trends of the topic, email alert subscription of the topic,etc. In short its an unified version of Google services. In other words it can be said as it an upgraded version of iGoogle which didn’t go so popular.

What Do You Love (wdyl.com) Home Page

What Do You Love (wdyl.com) Home Page

Google has not made any official statement about the launch of the portal its just someone found the url by mistake. It seems google hasnt kept any kind of visitors lock there. when you typer wdyl.com you get an error message. But if you use it with www.wdyl.com you get to the service page.

What Do You Love (wdyl) - Result Page

What Do You Love (wdyl) - Result Page

Just search out what do you love ? with your favourite topic and comment about the result here.

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What do you love? (wdyl.Com) Google's new Venture, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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