Nokia N5 Leaked Snaps

Recently Nokia is highly in Buzz for all of its series of Handset leaks. Nokia N9 , Nokia’s windows phone, Nokia’s Anroid phone, etc.¬† are among the leaked series. Seeing all this mobile range it was being believed that Nokia has got an high end interest in high range smart phone. But with leaks of Nokia N5 snaps all those theory has been proved wrong.

Nokia N5 will be first to be powered by Nokia’s Symbian Anna OS and will be an mid range smart phone. You can have the first look of Nokia N5 below [ leaked pics]:

Nokia N5 Leaked Pics

Nokia N5 Leaked Pics - First Look

Well talking more about Nokia N5, it will be running on Symbian Anna as per the source  but looking deeply into the screen shots of the Nokia N5 leaked pics we find that either the Symbian Anna OS is completely similar to Meego or either the Handset (Nokia N5) is powered by Meego OS itself. Still things are not clear and will go clear when Nokia makes officially statements on the Handset.

Features of Nokia N5:

Note : Some feature are just an Guess on the Basis of the Snap shot.

  • 3.2″ Touch Screen
  • 5 MP camera
  • Front completely touch with 3 keys
  • Symbian Anna OS
  • Volume Rocker keys on the Right side
  • Long battery Life
  • 3G Supported

Well this are the few features which can be guessed out seeing the prototype of the Handset. So some features may vary in the real declaration by Nokia soon. Also news has an buzz that Nokai will launch N6, N7 along with the Nokia N5 which will be revamped version of the same.

Moreover seeing the images closely it can be found that the device has an better interface compared to all Symbian 60 V5. So it clearly shows that Nokia is an brand which not only focuses on the overall design and marketing of the handset but also develops the internal features of the handset.

Below are few more leaked snaps of Nokia N5 :

Price of Nokia N5 in India is yet to be declared .

So what do you feel about the Same ? Express your views in the comment Box below.

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