Finally The Most Awaited Facebook Killer Google+ is Launched

Finally the Most awaited stuff is in the market, for which people since June 2010 (almost 1 year) are waiting for. Its nothing but an special kind of Social Networking service from the Search Engine giant Google namely Google+. Earlier it is in the rumor that Google is building special kind of social network namely
Google Me to compete Facebook, But last night Google launched an service namely Google+ which an unique kind of social network in the market. Its all an concept from Google to compete Facebook’s popularity. Well it almost took Google more than 1 year to develop it an Launched it out naming Google+ which will make unification search engine service of Google along with Social networking Concepts. Its an structure made up of different Social layers.

Google Plus Home Page

Google Plus Home Page

What is Google+ ?

Its the most Interesting question at present in the Websphere. We will explain it in complete detail here. Talking in brief Google+  is an extended version of and much better than Google Buzz which was an failure.  Google+ is also not an Social networking product but it is different from all. Its an isolated product neither similar to Google Wave nor Google Buzz.  Seeing Google+ more deeply will make you feel that its nothing but an extended version of Google Search along some social networking aspects layer added to it. Overall it will enrich the online social networking aspect.

You can catch Quick Look of Google+ in a Video Below :


Google+ is an combination different category of social layers namely +Circles, +Spark, +Hangout, +Mobile (further broken down into +Location, +Huddle, and +Instant uploads). We will explain each concepts below in detail.

What is +Circle ?

+Circle is made up of HTML5 which lets you add all your friends in different categorized circles like friends in friends circle , siblings in family circle, etc. In Facebook the main focus is on sharing information between all your friends wheres in Google+ the concept is to share different information with different circle.

Google+ : +Circle explained in a Video below :

What is +Sparks ?

+Sparks an interesting an completely new concept in the world of social networking it lets you share quality content among all your friends. Its the main and core engine of sharing information within Google+. Here also Google+ differs from Facebook where information is shared in a chain not according to interest whereas in Google+ its all done basis of information you search more, you like the most and you  Google+ (plus button) more. So now if user encounters any interesting stuff like url, video, etc he can share them among perfect circle.

Google+ : +Sparks explained in a Video below :

What is +Hangout ?

+Hangout is an combination of Video chat and instant messaging all under Google+ roof. It has an cool and superb interactive interface , Google guarantees that its all different from normal video chat systems. Critics find that it just has cool interface and in nothing new. You yourself use it and find the difference.

Google+ : +Hangout explained in a Video below :

What is +Mobile ?

+Mobile is the most interesting aspect of Google+ project which will surely lead  to success of Google+. Its combination of three different Components namely +Location which will define your present location using GPS in your mobile, +Huddle its an chatting component which will let you ping your friends and start the text messaging based chat and +Instant to upload photos captured via your mobile camera and share them among different circles instantly.

Google+ : +Instant explained in a Video below :

Google+ : +Huddle explained in a Video below :

Google+’s Android app is out now users of Google+ having Android mobile can download it out and start using the Google+ from their mobile. Google also said that Google+’s iOS app is under construction and will be out soon.

Today Google also updated its Google Home page look, from the videos of Google+ its clear that the update is to make the feel of Google+ and Google Search as an unified stuff.

Google Plus Invitee Request Zone

Google Plus Invitee Request Zone

Well we all know that Google launches its service always on invitation basis, so at present Google+ is also invitation based. So to Get an invitee all you need to do is visit and submit your email id there. Google will surely send the invitee soon.

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