Brain Like Computing – One Step Towards Future

Development and Research in field of Computing technology has been taken to an step ahead by University of Exeter. They have developed computing technology almost similar to Human brain. That is simultaneously computing of Data and Memory Access using phase change material.

Brain Like Computing

Brain Like Computing

This new Technique based on Phase change material will surely revolutionize the way computing processor will work in future. The newly developed process by Exeter University resembles Human brain working system. The present computing systems deal with processing of data and data storage separately which results in wastage of time in continuous motion of data.

Human brain process data and stores it simultaneously, seeing the working human brain University of Exter has developed an New kind of material known phase change material from some special kind of semi conductor material which resembles the human brain biological properties.

University of Exter performed different experiments on the Material and found that the material has ability to store and process information simultaneously. Also they where successful in performing general purpose computing stuffs like division, multiplication, addition, etc. with ease. They also concluded that phase change material can be used for making artificial neurons and synapses. So its all clear that devices in future which will be working on phase change material will have resemblance to human brain.

Professor David Wright who is lead author of the same paper said :

“Our findings have major implications for the development of entirely new forms of computing, including ‘brain-like’ computers. We have uncovered a technique for potentially developing new forms of ‘brain-like’ computer systems that could learn, adapt and change over time. This is something that researchers have been striving for over many years.”

At present the work of computing has been done with single phase-change cell. The next stage of the research work will be to develop an system of interconnected cells so that the system can compute the process of object and pattern identification.

This research was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Source : Science Daily

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  1. I like to see it install on human robot. Just like the movie A.I. artificial intelligence movie.