Google launches Chromebook

Google recently by unveiling chromebook in Google I/O developers conference set Apple and Windows on fire. Google has set an quote for the chromebook as:

Nothing but the Web

Google has uploaded an video on youtube explaining what chromebook exactly is. In that video we can see that google explains the chromebook in an animated form with an approach that layman can understand. Google covers below few points about the Chrome OS in the video they are as follow :



What is Chromebook ?

  • It actually is the web.
  • It has start up time of 8 second, that is switch on the Chromebook and within 8 second you are online.
  • Using Chromebook, you can do everything on the web.
  • You can use it from where ever you want from all around the earth, from hill top, on boat, on train, etc . (I don’t know why google included this point, its bit obvious that its an note book therefore it can be carried where ever needed.)
  • Since Chromebook have cloud computing network  you can have tremendous amount of storage space on the cloud.
  • You can view , store, edit, copy ,etc videos, photos, books, etc data on it.
  • Since the OS loads from the cloud server the user need not to worry about the Virus as google cloud computing servers  will take about it.
  • Also you can now live free from head ache of updating different software’s , apps and also the OS , all will be done on the cloud automatically and with ease.

Finally google said that Chromebooks are nothing but an new taught. They are the first of its kind . That is Chrome OS is the first OS in the market to have cloud computing Model or we can say cloud computing aspects.

You can catch all above points in the video below :

Google has launched first generation of chromebooks Cr-48 running Chrome Operating System having features like Chrome web browser, Google Docs Desktop App, etc and it doesn’t require installation of any kind of software or apps as they are present in the cloud already.

Google said that since this system will not have any app installed this will reduce load on the system and user will have an faster and better computing experience along with high end security.

Well the success of the Chromebook depends on the stuff that whether people are ready to accept the cloud computing technology or not. And also user who opt for it will need an faster and better internet connectivity. So lets wait and watch what really happens with the  Chromebooks market.

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