Retina-Slaying 720p Mobile Screen From Toshiba

Mobile Technology is developing at an better rate these days, We can see development in each and ever aspect of mobile phone device has got an exponential growth.  The battery backup, reduction in thickness, high pixel cameras, etc. And now its time for mobile phone screen to get developed. Toshiba has recently show cased the prototype of 4″ Retina-Slaying 720p Mobile Screen display. Its based on LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon) technology.

Retina-Slaying 720p Mobile from Toshiba

Retina-Slaying 720p Mobile from Toshiba

LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon) of 4″ display has pixel dimensions of 1280×720 and has capability to deliver high resolution (720p) HD video without any difficulty or blur effect.Apple iPhone’s Retina Display has an contrast ratio of 800:1 where as Toshiba’s LTPS Display has far better contrast ratio of 1500:1, which can be said as almost double. So it can be said that its high time for apple all it needs to built up some better display to compete the Toshiba’s LTPS Display else will have to loose Mobile phone market in front of Android based mobile phones which will be having LTPS display.

LTPS do have better clarity and better support for HD video but this feature has lead to an draw back to it. That is since it has more number of pixels compared to normal display, it will need more number of transistor to run them all. And as the transistor count will increase the power load on battery will increase leading to decrease in run time of battery. So those mobile which will be going to have LTPS display all need to have an high grade battery to give better stand by time.

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