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Youtube Now with Live Streaming Support

Youtube is the place where we can find videos related to any thing A to Z. It may an small pin or an huge Aeroplane, youtube has something or other thing related video for us. Youtube is developing day by day. It has developed different features , like it has support for 3D videos, etc. Youtube has also given different support for its partners to play around with it . It provides different and unique functionality to its partner’s  .

And today it has launched the best and most awaited functionality of all, support for live streaming of videos like Brightcove, Ustream, Justin.TV, Kyte, and Livestream. Now this all will rally have to face an big competition from youtube. The main plus point of youtube is that it has daily 2 billion + video views. Which is quite high and in  such situation if youtube launches Live video streaming functionality its quite obvious that it will be the leading contender of all.

Today youtube in its blog post announced that it has launcehd live video streaming functionality which can be caught at . At present youtube provides this functionality to very few groups of people who belong to Youtube partners programme.

Youtube had the plan’s of rolling out live streaming support since 2008 but due to technical issues it couldn’t launch it out . Then later in 2009-10 it had live streamed many world famous events and its own events online on youtube.

It seems the step to launch the Youtube live streaming portal is taken an step ahead to support the google programme to invest millions of money in videos for youtube. Google always plays an big game, which is really difficult to Understand in beginning but gets clearer with days.

The support for live video streaming on youtube will take to an high and unexpected level, may the daily videos view will get double from 2 billions to directly 4 billions. This all are just assumptions what will happen in reality for that we need to wait and watch the youtube.

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