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Metro UI Example

Metro design language as used in the "Music + Videos" hub in Windows Phone 7.



What is Metro UI

What is Metro UI

“Metro is an internal code name for a typography-based design language created by Microsoft.” ~ Source wikipedia


It is a user interface created by microsoft for Windows phone 7 and zune. To keep the design simple and energatic it uses a Microsoft’s Segoe font family, Segoe WP as it’s main fon’t. It is also heard that Windows 8 next installment in microsofts operating system is using the clean and simle Metro UI.

The design principle behind Metro UI are :

Clean, Light, Open, Fast

  • Feels Fast and Responsive
  • Focus on Primary Tasks
  • Do a Lot with Very Little
  • Fierce Reduction of Unnecessary Elements
  • Delightful Use of Whitespace
  • Full Bleed Canvas

Celebrate Typography

  • Type is Beautiful, Not Just Legible
  • Clear, Straightforward Information Design
  • Uncompromising Sensitivity to Weight, Balance and Scale

Alive in Motion

  • Feels Responsive and Alive
  • Creates a System
  • Gives Context to Improve Usability
  • Transition Between UI is as Important as the Design of the UI
  • Adds Dimension and Depth

Content, Not Chrome

  • Delight through Content Instead of Decoration
  • Reduce Visuals that are Not Content
  • Content is the UI
  • Direct interaction with the Content

Authentically Digital

  • Design for the Form Factor
  • Don’t Try to be What It’s NOT
  • Be Direct
Microsoft METRO UI Description

Microsoft METRO UI Description



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