Seagate GoFlex Slim – World’s Slimmest Portable Hard Drive ( 9mm Thick )

Seagate , the King of Storage Media has launched many different varieties of hard drives which have been highly successful. Recently it had launched the Seagate GoFlex Series, this series really had amazing Hard Drives. Whoever use the External Portable Hard Drives of GoFlex series from Seagate has no complaint against it. Except very few people who ever was reviewed about the same gave positive response for the Seagate GoFlex Series Portable Media Disks.

"seagate goflex slim - worlds slimmest portable hard drive"

Seagate GoFlex Slim - Worlds Slimmest Portable Hard Drive

Seeing the exponential growth in the demand for the portable hard drives, Seagate has introduced the worlds slimmest Portable External Hard Drive with great features. Seagate has introduced it under GoFlex seriesĀ  and hasĀ  named it as Seagate GoFlex Slim.

At present it has launched only 320 GB version will soon launch it with more high capacity. Talking about the Seagate GoFlex Slim , it has 7200 RPM and supports USB 3.0 . Comes with USB 3.0 Cable and also has backward support to run on USB 2.0. Its Just 9mm in Thickness which makes it the worlds slimmest Hard Drive. Along with such Good features it just cost 99$ ( Approx Rs. 4500 ) which really affordable.

The hard Drive runs on the USB port Power so no external Power Adapter is needed. So this makes it more handy and more portable. It comes formatted in NTFS format and has powered with better synchronization and encryption software . Which makes it easy to back up computer data and also safe and secure. You need not at all to worry when the Hard Drive is lost or stolen because it has better encryption. At present this encryption and backup software are supported only for windows soon Seagate is planning to launch the Special MAC edition of this.

Talking about the Look, its really cool and geeky. It has an Dark Black anodized casing with an laser immensed Seagate Logo. If you are searching for an Better portable media drive go for Seagate GoFlex Slim. Its Price worthy .

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