Is Facebook Planning to Launch SMS service under Project Titan ?

Recently Facebook is coming up with lots of updates. As the user count in facebook is increasing the ratio of daily facebook updates are also increasing. Facebook had changed the way photo loads ( flash photo viewer) then had changed the chat technology . It had integrated with the Messaging service itself under project titan. It had provided the email services to the user under project titan.

Now it seems that facebook is all set to launch an new feature namely Facebook SMS, under which the user can send SMS to any one directly from facebook. Facebook had already introduced the feature that user can send email to anyone using the Facebook’s messaging service and now it seems to launch the SMS facility too.

Facebook SMS Service

Facebook SMS Service

Recently when i was using facebook , i was trying to post something on my friends wall . When i had typed the message and when i hit on Share on my friends wall facebook popped up an wizard and showed an error message stating

An SMS message should have a valid from number, and yours doesn’t have it.

Seeing above we can say that Facebook at present is testing this feature with specific group of people but it seems that facebook has got some bugs and the Application is working around in wrong way. Whatever it may be seeing it we can at least judge or guess that facebook is in plan to launch Facebook SMS service in which users can send sms to each other directly from facebook.

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  1. Ac15pyroX says:

    The same comment is coming but at the time of the login. Hence i cant access my account. what to do?

  2. simply-logic technologies says:

    The same comment is coming but at the time of the login. Hence i cant access my account. what to do?

  3. great post this is helpful for me thx for sahringHow To Send Free SMS to Your Friend From Gmail Free