Oreo – World Famous Cookies Now in India By Cadbury

"cadbury oreo india - worlds no 1 biscuit"

Oreo is one of the world famous chocolate biscuit existing since more then 100 years. Having vanilla cream sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookies. It had become very much famous in America since when it was introduced there. Later it had become famous in different parts of the world all due to its taste and yummieness. Its an Ionic product from Kraft foods and was first introduced in 1912.

More then 491 Billion cookies have been sold since it has been in the market. Now this record makes it the world most selling biscuit.

Cadbury which is among the famous chocolate brand of india has launched it in India in collaboration with Nabisco. It seemsĀ  now cadbury wanna enter into the Biscuit market to along with chocolate and chocolate drinks.According to cadbury its the No.1 Biscuit of the world. Lets wait and watch how it performs in India.

You can play Oreo games at oreo.in

"cadbury oreo india - worlds no 1 biscuit"

It will be soon in stores near you . So are you waiting for the yummy chocolate cookies?

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