How to use Facebook as Fanpage ?

Recently facebook has updated many things in it. Firstly long back profile was updated , then the messaging service was updated under the project Titan and Now the facebook fanpage layout has been updated with inclusion of many other features.

Now let me discuss some thing before discussing about the features of Facebook’s updated fanpage layout.

Many Bloggers, Brands, etc want to comment on the other Bloggers, Brands, etc ‘s Fanpage as if they are commenting from their fanpage. This was not possible with the old fanpage system but now its possible with the new fanpage layout and system.

So let me explain you how to use facebook as your fanpage so that you can comment on other fanpage as your fanpage :

(Oh i think i have made the simple stuff little complicated¬† ! , Anyways dont worry its very easy to do and if you couldn’t understand what i am talking you will get it after you apply it)

To do so first visit the Page where you will find all your fanpages.

There click on Upgrade My Pages.

"facebook fanpage"

After you have done it , visit the fanpage of yours which you from which you wanna post on other fanpage.

"facebook fanpage"

After you have upgraded to new facebook fanpage layout, you will find ” use facebook as xxx ” (xxx= your fanpage name) . Click on it and everything is done.

"facebook fanpage"Note:

Don’t try this when you are chatting with someone as when you will do this, you will be logged out from your profile and will be online as fanpage only.

Thanks to Rahul Pandey who had suggested me to try this out.

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  1. I never knew about this type of info, but after reading this post i understand everything very clearly.