Sandy Bridge – Next Gen Processors from Intel

"sandy bridge processor"The research unit of intel never stops the development of latest and high quality processors , recently we had seen the 1000 core processor from scott land and now its time to see the latest and ultra high tech processor from Intel, the processor king.

On Jan 3 2011, Intel had launched the Sandy bridge processor, which said to be the most energy efficient as well as them most powerful processor with the capability to produce high quality graphics.

Its named as the Next gen processor as it generates high quality graphics with less power consumption. Its among the high market buzz creating processors from intel.

Earlier it was been in news that the Intel will launch this processor at CES ( Consumer electronics Show ) Fair this yea, which the most awaited fair of geeks .

Sandy bridge processor have series of processors named with starting from 2 and have four numerals. If it has K in the end then it means it has unlocked multiplier.  It has the latest version of Turbo Boost Version 2.0, which boosts up the processor functionality with out high power consumption, power consumption remains in its TDP. It supports Directx 10.1.

The most awaited feature of it is that it will support Intel’s wireless display technologies Version 2.0. So now you can connect your CPU and monitor wirelessly .

Intel’s Sandy Bridge will competite the AMD’s fusion processor at CES this year. Let us see who gonna win the processor race this Year Intel or AMD ?

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  1. Intel is rocking the field, energy save chips are needed for the future as that will determine the amount of machines used

    Good share dude