Usage of Chrome (Browser) Increasing Day by Day…

"Browser usage"

Day by day the internet usage market share of chrome browser is increasing. Recently by in Report Cnet , it was reveled that the chrome usage had increased from 9.3% to 10%  .

Talking about the Ruler, Internet explorer from microsoft seems to be slowly and steadily loosing the grip out of the market. The users of IE are decreasing day by day.

Same story gets applied to the Newly emerged firefox which just ruled out the modern internet era. It also seems to loose the grip out of the market infront Google’s Chrome.

And among all Safari from Apple has able to maintain stable user counts, the market share of Apple’s safari has not changed from long.

So it can be concluded out from the report that among all the biggest looser is IE from microsoft which was first challenged by Firefox then by Chrome now.

If the same scenario continues then they day is no longer far when the chrome will rule the browser market. Lets wait and watch out.

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  1. I dont like chrome personally but it is better than FF.;)
    Chrome does have an in built feed reader.
    I love opera and what it has given to the browsing world can never be forgotten. The latest version of Opera even allows stacking of tabs that allows you to open many (eg: thirty tabs) in one window and thus making it less cluttered other than being fast, etc. Kudos to the makers of Opera..

    PS. Opera is written in C++