How to run computer 20 times faster ?

We all want our computer to compute at an faster speed for that we always keep on preferring the latest intel processors. At present intel’s i7 (6 core processor ) is the fastest processor in the market.

Still you want an faster computing speed ?"worlds fastest processor"

Don’t worry you can get 20 times faster computing speed then i7 processor with the latest 1000 core processor developed by an Scottish scientists. They claim that their processor is 20 time faster then the conventional desktop processor along with their processor is highly energy efficient.

This research has been led by Dr. Wim Vanderbauwhede at Glasgow university. They have used the field programmable gate array (FPGA) to create this futuristic processor with 1000 cores.

The main difference between the conventional processor and this one is that the conventional processors have an built in circuitry where as the circuitry of these processor can be customized with little effort.Thus with help of high level programming the research team was able to divide the processor into 1000 cores, each able to compute individually .

According to daily mall the 1000 cores processor is 20 times faster then the core i7 processor from intel. and this processor has capability to process 5 Gigabyte per second 20 times faster compared to the conventional processors.

This processor have dedicated memory for each core, which makes it able to process the data at high frequency. Along with that these processor have FGPAs technology which is highly energy efficient. so this processor can be said as the Greener and faster option.

Well now you we all wish to see this processor into our desktop and laptops right ?

It can be said that this processor will become common in the market within few years.

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