New Cadbury Dairy Milk Ad Filled With Romance and Indian Way Of Shubh Arambh


We all love chocolates upto High Extent. And if you are from India then its really Common that you would have tasted Cadbury’s any of the chocolate like five star, dairy milk, etc once in a lifetime . Its all over favorite chocolate in India.

Its been an High end trend of Cadbury making different Tv ads occasionally which do create an high end impact on the people who watch it.

We always see ads related to Brother – Sister relation at time of raksha bandhan, Ads showing relations between neighbors and family members during Diwali season., Colourful ad in Holi and Salary ad on 1st of every month and many other attractive and touchy ads from cadbury .

But these time Cadbury has done an difference by mixing Indian Romance and Indian way of starting any good work with some sweet dish (Cadbury – Shubh Arambh ). They developed an special ad Namely ” Shubh Arambh ” in which one boy and one beautiful girl are standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus. At the same time boy starts flirting with girl by asking her an piece of cadbury from her big bar.
The ad starts in these way boy says “maa kehti hein kuch meetha kahna chaieye shubh kaam karne se pehle.. ” that is mother says we should have sweet before starting any good work.
Then the girl says “ok, but what kind of good work u wanna do? “

then boy replies “Can i drop you home…”

and the Love story starts.

Really an romantic ad of just 41+ seconds which can touch hearts.
Worth watching one.

P.S. These Article is Dedicated To Someone special , who has filled Colors and sweetnes in my life.

Do comment what do you feel about the same.

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  1. who is that girl in this promo?

  2. @taljeet

    the name of the Girl model in the ad is Umang jain