Future Gadget : Sony reveal’s It’s Conceptual Multi Tasking Wrist Band Gadget

After many new geeky gadget’s like iPad from Apple, Touch surface from Microsoft, and many other device now its time to reveal the most geekiest future Gadget from sony, It’s an wearable wrist band kind of gadget having inbuilt mobile having high quality OLED display and computing processor equipped with flexible thin film key board.

And talking more about the Device,it’s display is highly flexible and built high quality OLED and Holographic Touch screen. The Device gonna be quiet affordable.

The device seems quite bulky at present from the prototype display but as it has fully wrap around screen and as it can be laid flat on any surface and a keyboard pop’s out whenever you want with holographic crystal clear display the device gonna be the demand of next generation.

These conceptual geeky device is from Sony. Who where the leader of Geeky gadget in past but had lost the grip from market at present.It seems the are planning quiet high to get back in to the Gadget market in future and to fight against the present leader of gadget market like Apple , Microsoft , Google and many other.

Nothing yet has been declared by the Sony more about gadget like when its gonna be in the market, whats gonna be its price, etc…

Lets hope that the gadget is released soon in to the market.

What do u feel about the gadget? express yourself below in the Comment box.

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