Black Lights – An Awesome Stuff Glowing The White in Dark

In these post you gonna find an awesome stuff which you find mainly in Dance floor’s , Amusement park’s , Halloween Parties ,etc which just glows up the white in dark .

Actually im just talking about black lights , they just look like normal fluorescent lamps or ordinary incandescent light bulbs but in actual they just work differently from them. When we switch on Black Lights they just glows up white stuff like white clothes, teeths and various other white stuff in the dark.

These can be understood likely if we take an poster made from fluorescent stuff (phosphor) and indicate an black light on it then it will glow brightly in the dark room. Many other stuff like piece of papers , walls of amusement parks, etc which appear to be plain in bright light but glows up with lots of different design’s, different messages and symbols in dark.

What actually “Black Light” is ?

Black Light is nothing but an lamp which emitt’s electromagnetic radiation’s in frequency near by Ultraviolet rays with little amount of purple visible light. In many fields like medicine, forensics and different scientific branches Black lights is termed as Wood’s Lamp.

And the radiations from the Black Lights having spectrum above ultraviolet which does the working of glowing the white are in actually not visible to eyes.

In actual the work of glowing is done by phosphor present in white stuff which does the work of transforming non visible UV radiation’s from Black Lights into brightly glowing visible light. These phosphor is used differently in both fluorescent lighting and in Black lights.

Beyond the artistic and decorative use of Black light, it has great diagnostic and therapeutic uses too . Like it can be used for eradication of micro organisms, etc.

It should be noted that Powerful Black Lights can have hazardous effect on eyes and skin.

A Tunnel Filled With Black Lights

White Teeth’s Shining in Black Lights
An Awesome Artistic Design Shining In Black Lights

Scrub Detection With help Of Black Lights

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