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You may be using many devices or gadgets , working due to presence of electricity, you just provide it electricity with the help of wires. So in today’s world we can find wires every where. They have just meshed up many home. So have you ever thought to get rid of the “Snaky Wires” ?, if not then it’s time to think now. Because with the recent developments in the field of technology scientist have developed the technology of “Wireless Electricity Transfer System”. These technology has been developed upto great extent, soon if everything goes well then it may be rare to find wire’s mesh in your home.

Basically, the Wireless Electricity Transfer System’s work on the principal of electromagnetic induction. That is transfer of electricity from the source point takes place in the form of varying magnetic flux with the help of simple wire wound coil and then the receiver device receives the varying magnetic flux with help of same kind of wire wound coil and converts it back to electricity. These conversion of electricity to magnetic flux and back to electricity can be understood from the basic principle of electromagnetic induction given by Faraday . And thus the process of transfer of electricity from the source point to receiver point takes place wireless’ly.

Presently these technology is limited around the mobiles, laptops and camera charging gadgets, that is at present with the help of wireless electricity technology gadgets or device have been made which can be used to charge only mobiles, laptops and cameras wireless’ly. These kind of chargers mainly consist of mat or pad on which when you can rest your mobiles , laptops or cameras and they get charged with out any need of connecting the adapter pin to them. Thus, these kind of chargers can free us from different kind of adapters for different kind of brand or model of gadget.

Presently the top five mobile charging device you can find in market are as follow:

(Note: you can buy all of them from ebay or amazon or also from their official online store)

  • Powermat costing near by 99$’s

  • Duracell MyGrid costing near 80$’s

  • Palm TouchSton Charger costing near by 76$’s

  • WiPower

  • PowerCast

And thus, if the development in the field of the Wireless electricity transfer technology is conitinues in the same way then in mere future of 30-40 years your home may need no wires to connect itself with the electric power station. It may also result that if you are gone out for vacation then there will be no need to pay for the minimum energy charges even tough your power supply was shut off by yourself when you went out. So in these way the wastage of electricity can also be avoided upto large extent in fututre.

You may also see a great amount of weird electric device in future like electric glasses , electric watches, electric shoes and also electrical garments. You may feel these as awkward but just think in different way that is before the discovery of Wi-fi people would not have thought of many such device which you see today like wi-fi t-shirt, wi-fi shoes, etc which lightens according to the stren
gth of wi-fi they find across them.

Many industries along Universities are working on use of wireless electricity transfer technology for medicinal use. That is they are trying to develop Heart pacemaker which can gain electric energy wirless’ly without harming the body parts. Upto large extent many scientist have gained success in making many such medicinal instruments working on wireless electricity transfer technology.

So keep on thinking you may also get any idea of an weird device which can work on Wireless electricity technology.

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