Self Effiecent Use Of Futuristic energy Source that is Piezoelectric Material

Piezoelectric is the material which when pressurised can generate spark which can be collected to produce potential and vice a versa too.There exist a vast use of piezoelectric substance from dance floor to parking lot in generating energy.

But At recent International Electron Devices Meeting, a european group of people showed the novel use of technology with self sufficient devices put to it.The most amazing fact of their device was that they’ve managed to shrink a piezoelectric device to an “micro level”, by the use of aluminium nitride instead of lead zicronate titanate as piezoelectric material.

They made an wireless temperature sensing device with their new technology, which is greatly tiny and can work autonomously by creating energy from vibrations and transmit the temperature change inforamtion to 15 second intervaled base station.

They said that it’s just begining and we will soon see use of above technology in different devices ranging from tire pressure sensing to predicitive maintenance of any kind of moving or rotating machinery parts.

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