Latest From the Intel Inside : Intel Itanium 9300 Processor

After the great succesful launches like i0ntel’s i core series ( i3, i5, i7 ), Intel Inside has launched the latest and fastest of all the Intel Itanium 9300 Last Week.

It Great mind freaking configuration with increase 500% bandwidth , extra 800% memory badnwidth from the system interconnected link’s and increase of more then 800% main memory with the attachment of 16gb DDR 3RAM compared to the normal processors.

The architecture of intel’s new Itanium 9300 is awesome.It has an universal resiliency with the latest feature of reliability, availability and serviceability also knwon as RAS. The feautre which makes it most awaited and outstanding of all processors is Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect Technology and the memory subsystem. It also has machine check co-ordinating system architecture which helps in solving the errors a lot. It also helps in recovering from the system fatal errors with ease.

The Itanium 9300 has been codenamed Tukwila and it works on the 2nd generation of Intel Virtualization Technology which helps in boosting the reliability and the performance in critical computing. It’s well known to all of the Intel fan’s that the Intel 7500 chipset can directly assign Input Output devices to the virtual machines due to which its efficiency gets much higher.

All these new series of Intel Intanium have five models ranging from $946 to the peak of $3838.
It’s Gonna be a very amazing processor and people who will work on a system powered by such amazing spirit with many other amazing add-ons, will have an totaly new computing experience.
So these new release has amazed many eyes including me and has forced me to say that ‘The World Will soon Go Computer filled every where’.

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