How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV 1

How to Connect Laptop to TV?

Sometimes a laptop display just isn’t big enough to use and rejoice. At the moment you feel search methods on how to connect laptop to tv. There are plenty of options for connecting your laptop to any kind of TV like LED, LCD, Plasma or TFT. Here are the best ways to do so. So that […]

Facebook introduces 'Save' feature 1

Facebook introduces ‘Save’ feature to Bookmark pages, links, places, etc.

Facebook has introduced ‘Save’ feature which is nothing but a kind of bookmarking service. Using this service you can bookmark AKA save links, places, musics and many other things for later. This new functionality will permit users to easily save posts, links, music and books content in future . Facebook came out with a fresh feature that allows […]


List of Human Jobs That Computers can Never Replace

Think your job is secure? Think again. The set of jobs that won’t someday be done by computers is actually rather small and it’s disappearing gradually, as technology advances. Technology is already expanding at an exponential rate. So what types of jobs are a good bet for job seekers? Which industries should you aim for […]

Edit pdf online

List of tools to edit PDF online

PDF is an abbreviation for "portable document format" developed by Adobe. PDF files are easier to read and it is the most widely used format for things such as online brochures, eBooks, magazines and … [ Read Full Story → ]

Top 5 paid and free vpn service

Top 5 Paid and Free VPN Services

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an excellent tool to guard your privacy and safety while you use the internet. It’s a great way to surf the web more securely or to access content that is … [ Read Full Story → ]

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

List of Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome users worth Read, Memorize and Utilize

Undoubtedly most of you are using Chrome as your primary browser. If not, switch to it immediately as chrome is super-fast when compared to any other browser. is back with a collection of … [ Read Full Story → ]

Google Gravity

Google Gravity And Similar Tricks

Google is one of the most famous and widely used search engine present online. It has the biggest stack of online search compared to any other search engine. So you can say in the world of Internet … [ Read Full Story → ]

Google Chrome

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome Browser?

We all use various different browsers to surf the Internet. Every browser maintains temporary files like HTML, CSS, audio, video and various other files related to websites. Browser does this to load … [ Read Full Story → ]

Christmas Decor - Google Christmas Easter Egg

Search out “Christmas” in Google and feel it [Easter Egg]

Google is one of the most innovative and giant search engine. It likes to have fun with it's users. It regularly launches various Easter Eggs to amuse the users. Christmas is one of the most … [ Read Full Story → ]

Dr. Grossmann performs first surgery using Google Glass

First surgery performed using Google Glass

We had seen weird things happening with Google Glass but now we have a use that would be life saving - a surgery performed using Google Glass. Eastern Maine Medical Center's Dr. Rafael … [ Read Full Story → ]